Case 1

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23 Mar
Case 1

This case involved persons operating a drug trafficking and money laundering enterprise which resulted in the arrest of five persons and conviction of four for drug trafficking.

In January 2012, a financial institution, in Grenada, filed a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) on a customer which led to the commencement of an investigation.

Based on information received, a local enforcement agency was included and a search warrant was executed in a building occupied by the subject of the SAR. Both the subject and her boyfriend were found in that house and were questioned. It was discovered that her boyfriend, Waynesworth Barrett, was from Jamaica and was illegally residing in Grenada. A number of mobile phones and paraphernalia were seized. Both subjects were detained for further interview and acknowledged involvement in a drug trafficking enterprise involving exportation of cocaine to North America and Europe, involving “Riley” whose correct name is Shankiell Myland, Pinero Thomas, Jason Gellizeau and a courier of which “Riley” was the mastermind and responsible for bringing Barrett into Grenada to package cocaine for export.

As a result of these revelations, Jason Gellizeau (responsible for logistical arrangements) was detained and under caution also confessed of his involvement in the drug trafficking enterprise. Subsequent search warrants on the premises of the subject of the SAR (identified as main organizer), Shankiell “Riley” Myland (mastermind), Pinero Thomas (courier recruiter) and the courier, revealed additional items including laptop computers, mobile phones, financial records and other documents which were seized and analyzed.

When questioned under caution, the courier gave a detailed account of the entire operation.

The subject of the SAR, Waynesworth Barrett, Shankiell “Riley” Myland, Pinero Thomas and Jason Gellizeau were charged with drug trafficking and money laundering. A number of Court Orders including; Restraint and Production were obtained during the investigation.

Court proceedings against the subject of the SAR were discontinued and she became a prosecution witness along with the courier. Barrett, Gellizeau, & Pinero pleaded guilty to one count of drug trafficking each and were fined EC $15,000 to be paid immediately, in default nine months in prison, EC $15,000 to be paid in eight months, in default nine months in prison and EC $30,000 to be paid in eight months, in default one year in prison respectively.

On September 11, 2013, Shankiell “Riley” Myland pled guilty to the charge of Conspiracy to traffic in a controlled drug to wit: cocaine and on November 1, 2013, he was fined EC $65,000 to be paid in eight months, in default one year in prison. Additionally, a confiscation order in the sum of EC $24,000 was made against him. That sum is to be paid in four months, in default one year in prison.

The confiscation order is the second of two confiscation orders recorded in the Eastern Caribbean. Grenada also recorded the first confiscation order in the Eastern Caribbean over ten years ago. Additionally, this was the first SAR in the Eastern Caribbean to develop into charges of money laundering conspiracy and drug trafficking.

Waynesworth Barrett
(Fabricator and Packer)
Jason Gellizeau
(Logistics Arranger)
Pinero Thomas
(Courier Recruiter)
Shankiell “Riley” Myland
(Mastermind & Drug Supplier)


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