Strategic Agenda

As the Unit advances towards greater efficency and effectiveness, the primary focus would be to contextualise the current and impending AML/CFT risk within the jusrisdiction and determine whether the current mechanism employed is appropriate.

Therefore, the strategic focus for the next three years includes:

(a) Capacity Building:

  • Development of an enhance vetting policy to include polygraph testing of persons attached to the FIU;
  • Pursue specific training, particularly in the areas of analytical skills and risk assessment;
  • Enroll in the CFATF accreditation of financial investigators program;
  • Internal staff development program;
  • Mentorship program (succession planning).

(b) Development of a systematic approach for intelligence led analysis and investigation:

  • Development of a mechanism for enhanced cooperation:
  • Formation of a Technical Working Group on AML/CFT;
  • Website development;
  • Update and training for Financial Institutions;
  • Commencement of AML/CFT audit of Financial Institutions.

(c) Standardisation and enhancement of internal controls and practices:

  • Development of standard operating procedures and practices;
  • Improve the quality of processing and analysis of information;
  • Improvement of information and analytical system to include an automated platform to receive information from reporting entities.

(d) Commencement of national risk assessment on Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (ML/FT) in Grenada.

  • Development of tools (questionnaire, etc.) in conjuction with Anti-Money Laundering/Terrorist Financing Commission
  • Collection for preliminary data from stakeholders
Financial Complex, Building No.1, Second Floor, The Carenage, St. George's (473) 435 2373 / 435 2374

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